The best rest in the world: Mount Pidan Livadia ridge

Among the many sights of Primorsky Krai that can definitely be considered as the best vacation in the world, the most popular is the Livadia Range and its three main peaks. Namely Livadia (Pidan), Litovka (Falaza) and Bald Grandfather.

The best rest in the world on the tops of the taiga Sikhote Alin

At the same time, given the small size of this mountain formation at just thirty kilometers, and the height of its peaks, just over a kilometer, the Livadia Range is particularly attractive as ordinary tourists and lovers of uncomplicated mountain ascents who also consider these ascents as the best rest in the world .

In addition, it should be noted that the weather in this area of Primorye is not quite stable, some local travel companies offer their customers products of Dreamline, which produces not only household mattresses and pillows, but sleeping bags, which DreamLayne does, is not worse than foreign ones.

However, even such features of nature do not prevent many tourists from all corners of Russia to come to this amazing region of Sikhote Alin and admire the high-mountain meadows and diverse vegetation of the Livadia range. At the same time, Livadia’s mountains are very popular not only among climbers, but also among fishermen, for whom special fishing is the fishing for local trout in a variety of species inhabiting the numerous mountain streams of this region.

A little history of the name of the Livadia Range

Some tourists coming to this area for some reason believe that the main mountain range of the Primorsky Territory received its name from the city located for many thousands of kilometers from this place, namely on the Crimean peninsula, where there is a small resort town of Livadia. However, this is a bit wrong, because the word «Livadiy» in the translation from the language of the local people of the Jurchens means nothing else than «Stones poured by God».

How to get to Livadia ridge

And for those who are really going to visit this corner of Primorsky Krai, we can advise what is best, to climb the mountains of the Levadia range starting from the Novonezhinskaya station, because it is the shortest way to these peaks. At the same time, you can easily reach this railway station without a problem on a suburban electric train that runs along Vladivostok-Partizanka route.

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