Resorts in Europe or the dignity of recreation in the Crimea

Nowadays, like many years ago, Crimea is the most popular place for recreation. People prefer the resorts of Europe, and not Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and other countries. Native and beloved Crimea, which is famous for its terrain and beauty. A lot of people go to the peninsula not only as tourists, but also for tourists.

Crimean resorts of Europe

Gathering backpacks with them, tourists bypass, and if there is transportation, then all the beauties of the Crimean peninsula go round. Coming to the southern resorts of Europe, it is impossible to remain indifferent, having visited the mountains and plains of Crimea. Each city has its own attractions and people who come to rest and tourism must always look at them.

If we talk about the merits of recreation in the Crimea, we can note the following:

  1. To get to Crimea it is possible by motor transport or railway — on a choice and preference of everyone. Do not get air transport and at the same time shake from fear for yourself or for a child who, perhaps, does not best transfer the flight.
  2. In the native Crimea, basically everyone understands everyone, because most of the holidaymakers from the countries of the former USSR. So do not bother trying to learn some language for a trip to rest.
  3. All and everywhere in the Crimea, various excursions are available that do not beat so easily as in foreign countries.
  4. For lovers of hiking and recreation in tents companies — Crimea is the most wonderful option. And where did you see that in Turkey people went on holiday in the summer with tents? Right, nowhere.
  5. In Crimea, affordable and native food. Everything is known and easy to find, because everything in our understandable language and do not fear that you will slip something unknown.
  6. In the Crimea, a lot of health resorts, in which people from all over Russia, Ukraine and Belarus come together and bring their children and old people with them. Here is the best vacation in the world. Sea Crimean air is very useful and curative, possessing medicinal properties. It contributes to the normalization of the respiratory system and reduces the chances of respiratory diseases.
  7. In the Crimea, a large number of attractions, which, of course, must be visited. For example, they include magnificent palaces, such as Massandra, Livadia, Vorontsovsky and Bakhchisaray, which are located in the outskirts of Yalta. In Gurzuf there is Bear Mountain. In Yalta there is the well-known unique «Swallow’s Nest». In Ai-Petri is the famous cable car. This is only a small list of what attracts residents and guests of the Crimean peninsula so much.

This amazing Crimea

Crimea is a wonderful and beautiful peninsula, having visited it once, I definitely want to return to it again. I do not want to leave the magnificent mountains, plains, surroundings and the natural sea. Who would not say what, but the sea in the Crimea is many times better than abroad.

When you are going to rest in the Crimea, be sure to gather information in advance about the attractions in the area you are going to. Remember or write down, and be sure to visit them. Crimea does not leave anyone indifferent and always from it there are only pleasant and positive emotions.