Resorts of Europe Crimea, waterfall Wuchang-Su

Nature has given us wonderful places. Resorts in Europe in vivid confirmation of this. Especially the waterfalls of the Crimea. They are not just beautiful — they are graceful … We will talk about one of these handsome men. And his name is Wuchang-Su.

Resorts in Europe, the nature of the Crimea

What we know the resorts of Europe in the Crimea? Of course, Yalta. The city is surrounded by such wonderful places, which, it seems, fell into the Garden of Eden …

Flying water is the second name of the Wuchang-Su waterfall. It is located near the Crimean Yalta, and is one of the attractions of the mountain forestry reserve, near the Crimean Yalta. It overthrows from an altitude of 390 meters above sea level — this is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. It feeds the river of the same name, its source lies on Ai-Petri, it flows into the sea in the territory of Yalta.

The journey begins with a small forest path, laid out by a wild stone. On one side towering overhanging over the trail gloomy mountains, and on the other grow slender pines. And it seems that the transparent air flows overhead, saturated with the scents of the coniferous forest. The path leads to the observation deck, from where you can see the waterfall itself.

Originally it was formed by three cascades, but later because of the earthquake there were only two, and some fragments of the third can be seen in good weather. At the height of the second cascade, a water intake structure is noticeably visible, and above it is a sculpture of a soaring eagle protecting this locality. There is a legend: looking at the top it is necessary to make a wish and wash your hands in crystal water. If you managed to do this during the time that the river makes its way down once, it will come true (it is checked for yourself).

Crimean Pines

Where can health tourism be, if not in the Crimea? Additional healing properties of the climate give plantations of evergreen trees. The doctors explain this by the fact that the Crimean pines growing here give off special substances. It is because of this that the heaviest wounds were healed during the Great Patriotic War, but at the present time the climate of the Southern coast of Crimea is useful to everyone, here even allergic forms that have been neglected disappear. Tired of walking, you can relax in the restaurant «Wuchang-Su», where you will be offered excellent shish kebab and an excellent selection of ruby Crimean wines.

Having gained strength, continue your excursion and visit the Yalta cable car. Comfortably placed in a double cabin, you can enjoy the opening landscapes from a bird’s eye view. First, the mountains surrounding Yalta will be visible from afar and the sea stretching below. Then the old turret and the chapel will flash, the winding streets of the city, lying right under your feet, will gradually open to view. In addition, you can dine on the Yalta Embankment, there are many different restaurants and very cozy cafes.

And you can finish the day with quality shopping or having visited one of the festivals, which many are held in Yalta. In any case, do not let yourself be lazy. It is not necessary to sit at home on long winter evenings, it is much more effective to share pleasant memories about your best rest in the world, and together to consider excellent photos made during excursions.