Museums and sights of Moscow useful tips for organizing excursions

Moscow is an amazingly versatile city, rich in unique historical sights, as well as interesting places. However, in order to get acquainted with the most important and significant monuments of architecture and art, to visit places of historical significance and fully penetrate the atmosphere of one of the largest megacities of the world, it is necessary to plan and organize the excursion.

Of course, you can turn to specialized organizations and go on a certain route with a professional guide. On the site you will find excursions around Moscow, among which you can choose the most interesting option for yourself. But you can choose places yourself to get acquainted with Moscow.

Gather all the information you need

If you are going to independently determine the route of your trip around Moscow, preliminarily study useful sources of information on the Internet. Do not forget to read reviews, thanks to which you can find out the real prices and conditions of visiting many museums and exhibitions.

Determine the route

Examine the locations of the main objects that you wanted to visit, and make a clear route. If you are going to travel by public transport, take care to collect as much information as possible on where to get off the metro or on which bus it is better to reach the destination point.

Guide services

Visiting museums will become much more informative and useful thanks to guides. The exposition can always give aesthetic pleasure, but with information support the exhibits will literally come alive.

Audioguide — an effective alternative

Some museums of the city offer a convenient service — audio accompaniment of the excursion. And many museums include the cost of an audio guide in the price of an admission ticket. On the Internet, you can also find a lot of audiocounts in Moscow.

See the historical reference

To get from visiting the museum only for pleasure, but also for maximum benefit, be sure to read the information about the history of this place before the excursion. Information support of the guide in any museum lasts no more than one and a half hours, and you can get to know the exposition yourself at least the whole day. In addition, you can study the exhibits by armed with mobile Internet.

If you competently approach the planning of excursions to the most interesting and historically significant places and museums in Moscow, plan the route in advance and read useful information, acquaintance with the cultural side of this wonderful city will leave a lot of bright and unforgettable impressions.