A hot city with a unique color, tours to Spain

Love hot and hot summer, warm Mediterranean Sea, delicious fruits, fine wines, medieval architecture, bullfight and flamenco? Then you can safely choose tours to Spain in Madrid! This oldest city has conquered many tourists with its beauty.

Tours to Spain in Madrid

This amazing city is in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula. But believe me, for this it is worth to take advantage of the offer of travel agencies that so zealously advertise tours to Spain and, having made their choice, buy air tickets in this sunny paradise.

The city of Madrid since 1562 is the capital of Spain, quite densely populated, it is home to more than 3 million people. This is partly due to the huge number of students, because it is here that universities are known to the whole world.

It is Madrid that conquers the originality of the tablets with the name of the streets. Impressive wall mosaics of the city, as well as chic wrought-iron balconies, which give a certain charm. Restaurants in Madrid will pleasantly surprise with dishes of national cuisine. Here you can find entertainment for every taste. Madrid is not inherent in monotony and boredom. Once in one of the oldest cities in Europe, you can plunge into the cycle of unforgettable events.

Madrid Attractions

Having visited Madrid, do not miss the opportunity to look at the Royal Palace. Beautiful white building long enough was the residence of kings. The palace is open to all comers, who can get acquainted with delightful sculptures, a beautiful interior and a collection of paintings. The most famous is the Museum of Modern Art of Queen Sofia, as well as the richest Prado museum.

In the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, art connoisseurs can admire the paintings of outstanding masters. In it are the canvases of Gauguin, Hopper and Caravaggio. The museum presents a painting of an earlier Italian era.

The Madrid amusement park is a wonderful place to relax with children. The territory was ennobled by flowering gardens and luxurious fountains. There are restaurants, coffee shops, as well as a lot of entertainment for both children and parents.

The climate in Madrid is predominantly continental. It is accompanied by cool winters and hot summers. However, bullfighting continues to attract many residents of Madrid, although in other parts of Spain wanting to enjoy the spectacle more. The adrenaline fan wants to get tourists who from May to October watch the world’s best bullfighters on the main arena of Spain.

Every tourist who has gone on his journey has his own tastes and preferences, but Madrid will certainly not leave indifferent to its history, rich architecture, unique inhabitants. A trip to Madrid will warm not only the body, but also the soul, striving to conquer new, unexplored corners of the beautiful planet.