The Garden of Memories

Practically every people has memorable places connected with its heroic struggle for independence. It is such a memorial in the capital of Ireland, Dublin, is the «Garden of Memories» dedicated to the memory of many thousands of Irishmen who gave their lives for the sun of peace and freedom shining over their country.

The Garden of Memories 2

«The Garden of Memories» memory of millions of dead

When some of our compatriots get to Dublin and as one of the city excursions they are offered a «Garden of memories», then the first impression of his visit is not unambiguous. After all, in our domestic traditions, this or that memorial, as a rule, is dedicated to one or another event in our history. Will this be the Great Patriotic War, or events related to the Patriotic War or the Battle of Kulikovo Field. In the case of the «Memories Garden,» some rethinking of the very understanding of giving tribute to the fallen heroes.

It so happened at the architects of this memorial, opened for a visit in 1966, that almost in one territory and in one place are both graves and memorial monuments to the heroes of Ireland of various periods of its history. After all, the latest of them, both monuments of Europe and Ireland, refer to the uprising of the Society of United Irishmen in 1798, and the earliest is a monument and graves of those who died in the war for the independence of Ireland in 1919-1921. At the same time, the number of dead buried at this memorial is also striking, and this is neither more nor less, but more than one and a half million.

The Garden of Memories 3

However, a unique journey through this memorial is not only monuments and tombstones, it’s not for nothing that the memorial is called a garden. According to the general concept of the «Garden of Memories», this is a fairly large park, in which the best examples of European landscape art are seen, which can be clearly seen from the harmonious combination of a small number of artificial lakes and small, ornamental groves and spacious lawns. And it’s not for nothing that the «Sad of Memories», despite its certain tragedy, is quite a popular place for idle pastime of many indigenous Dubliners and guests of the Irish capital.

How to get there

So, if you have decided on where exactly the most interesting places of Europe are located and you are going to go to Ireland, then being in its capital, the city of Dublin, do not forget to visit the «Memorial Garden» and personally appreciate its charm and greatness.