As a rule, in most tourist guides, Norway and the city of Stavanger seem to be a rather exotic place, the northern country of fjords, glaciers and aurora borealis. In addition, in the same guides, there are excellent ski resorts and excellent Norwegian cuisine, in which the first place is a wonderful, Norwegian salmon.

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Stavanger and its nature

Despite the fact that the Norwegian city of Stavanger is almost the northernmost point of Europe and the number of warm days in the year is somewhat limited, but this city was, is and will be quite popular for its free time as a tourist or better traveler. And first of all, in this regard, many, those who have already experienced all the delights of the Norwegian, tourist service note the rather high level of this very tourist service, starting from the developed transport infrastructure and ending with a sufficient number of modern hotels for every taste and financial situation of the potential Traveler.

At the same time, these tourists note that those who have already visited Norway note that interesting places in Europe are not only historical monuments located in the same Paris, London or Madrid. The capital of the northern kingdom of Oslo can also show a lot of impressive museums, art galleries, and other historical monuments that perpetuate the glorious feats of the heirs of the glorious Viking tribe. And first and foremost, it is necessary to note the legendary Fridtjof Nansen who conquered the ice areas of Greenland and the North Pole, and his compatriot Tura Heerdal, whose passion for risky travel is not acquired, but a hereditary trait of their character.

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And if you really made the final decision and definitely plan your trip through Europe, then think about making your next trip to Norway, where you can see two unique nature monuments on the Kyorag Plateau, photos of which will not be ashamed to show later Friends and relatives. And the first of these is Kjeragbolten, a huge cobble, weighing about six tons, strangely stranded between two rocks. And although, to this miracle of nature, you will have to walk, somewhere about an hour and a half along a winding, mountain path, but what you see is worth it. The second not less noteworthy and popular object of the Kyorag Plateau is called the Preikestolen rock or the «Faculty of the Preacher», which at a dizzying height overhanging the fjord, makes a huge impression on everyone who tried to look beyond its edge.

How to get there

Taking into account the fact that Norway itself is not so big in its territory and has rather good roads, you will not have much difficulty getting from Oslo to the city of Forsann. But then the journey is only on foot.