The Church sinned my sorrow

Among many Russian cities with a long history, Saratov has a fairly large number of historical sights, which in one form or another distinguish it from the general series. And one of these historical monuments, a guide to this city, calls the church «Soothe my sorrows», which stands almost in the center of Saratov and has attracted many of its parishioners and visitors to the city for more than a century.

The Church sinned my sorrow 2

A bit of history, the Church «Wipe My Sorrows»

Its name was given to the church as a sign of veneration of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God «Wear My Sorrows», which has been for many centuries not only a historical but also a cult artifact for the whole of Russian Orthodoxy. Considering all these aspects, at the very beginning of the last century, the construction of this Saratov church-chapel was initiated on the initiative of the holy martyr Gergomen, bishop of Tobolsk and Siberia.

Already by 1906, the church «Touched my sorrows» was consecrated and the first services began. It should be noted that most of the time spent on the construction of the church was spent on the design of the church itself, which was, like the construction itself, under the leadership of Saratov architect Perth Vasilyevich Zybin, who wanted to create a truly unique building for Saratov.

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The Mystery of Interior Frescoes

And to a large extent he succeeded. In spite of the many historical vicissitudes that the building has survived in its history, the Church «Touched My Sorrows» has not only practically preserved its original appearance, but its interior is not inferior to many of the sights of Europe erected in the same period.

As many experts on wall paintings say, that the church’s interior frescoes, almost for more than a century of history, have never been restored, but at the same time they have kept the brightness of the color scale and the integrity of the paint layer. It is possible that the craftsmen who painted the walls of the church used some special paints, or they knew some other secret of the painting, unfortunately it still remains the secret creator of this historical artifact.

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How to get there

Doing a tour of the Volga, you will in any case make a stop in Saratov, because to pass this beautiful, ancient Russian city is simply not possible. Well, if you make a similar journey by rail from the same Moscow, then, after spending a little more than ten hours in the compartment of the car, you will again find yourself in the glorious city of Saratov.