A special peace in the mines of the Perm region

In search of an unusual and extraordinary man is ready to climb high into the mountains and even take off. But sometimes it’s enough just to go down under the ground. To know your inner world, to sincerely be surprised by miraculous miracles at a depth of 195 meters, you can in the Perm region, in particular at the Verkhnekamskoye field.

A special peace in the mines of the Perm region 2

The incomprehensible world of potassium mines in the Perm region

The miraculous properties of salt have been known since ancient times. Depending on the deposit, the salts carry additional useful minerals. So the Upper Kama potassium-magnesium salt has a specific chemical composition, which contains up to 40% potassium chloride and up to 50% sodium chloride, a small percentage of calcium sulphate, magnesium and water. It’s no secret that in the salt mines, its own particular world.

Many travelers know such interesting facts that the average daily temperature and humidity in the mines are constant. In the mines they arrange speleosanatoria for treatment and rehabilitation of patients with broncho-pulmonary diseases and problems of the nervous system. However, a journey to the 195-meter depth in Permsky Krai is worth doing for the incredible beauty that nature has created.

A special peace in the mines of the Perm region 3

Today we offer you an unusual tourism, namely a virtual visit to the Verkhnekamsk potassium salt deposit, where the production is practically suspended, but in the old workings on the walls a unique pattern is formed. Repeat something similar in such territory and all the more so at such depth — it is simply unreal.

How to get to the mines with psychedelic patterns

Today, to get into the mines of the Verkhnekamskoye deposit, you need to get a lot of permits and at the same time, when you go underground, you travel at your own peril and risk. In the salt corridors there is a constant threat from gas leakage and landslides. Although, in some places, mines still produce carnallite to this day. This mineral is used as a fertilizer in agriculture. And thanks to this mineral, the mines got such an incredible psychedelic look.

A special peace in the mines of the Perm region 4

Unusual patterns on the walls of mines that change and intertwine among themselves, fascinate and can introduce a person into a small trance. In addition, one must know that the time is lost in the mine, therefore many people who descend here deeply into the earth experience unusual emotions and sensations.