Interesting places in Europe in Iceland

Experienced travelers have long and well known — amazing is not necessary to search in far territories, amazing can be quite close. Interesting places in Europe in Iceland are more accessible to the same unique, but also more distant places of Argentina, Namibia or New Zealand.

Cinematography and interesting places in Iceland

Paradoxically, this sounds, but nowadays, in the era of ubiquitous computerization, many blockbusters are filmed on location. As is well known to filmmakers, Peter Jackson filmed his Tolkien screenings in New Zealand, George Miller withdrew the «Road of Fury» in the desert of Namibia, but interesting places in Europe in Iceland «played» a role in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

Interesting places in Europe in Iceland 2

I’ll tell you honestly, when I looked at Interstellar, I sincerely believed that the landscapes of Dr. Mann’s icy planet are computer graphics. And there was no limit to my surprise when I found out that alien species were taken in Iceland on a glacier with the name Svinafell’skekull, which was difficult to pronounce for us.

Svinafellskekull Glacier

As many already know, in the translation into Russian Iceland is «icy land». On this large ocean island there are many different glaciers that you can travel to. One of them is the «extraterrestrial» glacier Svinafellskeekull, incoming, more precisely coming from the huge glacier Vatnajokull — one of the largest that Europe knows. Icelanders do not destroy thoughtlessly their habitat. They try to preserve nature in all its primordial majesty. To do this, they create many national parks. So the glacier Svinafellsecool is located in the park Skaftafell.

Interesting places in Europe in Iceland 3

How to describe the species of Svinafell’secool — these unusual places, these frozen waves and shafts strewn with volcanic ash, these spaces of unreal, truly unearthly ice fields? You have to see this yourself, you must feel all the greatness and unknowability of our nature. It’s not for nothing that the travelers on the Svinafelleskull glacier are not only from America or Europe, but even New Zealanders who seem to have enough of their natural beauty.

Getting to the Svinafellsecool Glacier

Interesting places in Europe in Iceland 4

In Iceland, its capital, Reykjavik, it is easiest to get by air. Air carriers such as Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Icelandair or SAS will take you comfortably to this «ice country». Further, in order to visit the glacier Svinafell’skekull, it is more correct to contact one of the many agencies that conduct excursions. Flights to Svinafellsecool are carried out all year round, but the most informative walking tours take place only in the summer months.