Winter rest at the foot of Bukovel

Beautiful and luxurious winter Bukovel welcomes thousands of tourists and tourists from all over the world. It has long been not only a favorite holiday destination for Ukrainians, but also residents of other countries, as it is included in the 20 best and largest winter recreation areas.
Wonderful resort of Bukovel

The resort itself is located at the foot of Mount Bukovel because of what he received the same name. There you can find a huge number of trained professional snow slopes for recreation and active sports. All who can not imagine their lives without skis — Bukovel 50 km of ski runs of different distances and complexity are already waiting for you, and 16 lifts will help you to get there without any problems. The winter holiday season lasts there from November to April, but tourists and holidaymakers do not mind visiting there and in the warm season. Rest in this place meets all European quality standards. For those who want to travel and discover new places, in 110 km from Bukovel there is a beautiful and ancient city of Ivano-Frankivsk.

Winter rest at the foot of Bukovel 2

Near the resort is a small village of Polyanitsa, which is famous for its folk color and traditions. In the village there is a unique in all respects hotel Karpatski, the magical atmosphere of which will present a lot of inexpressible emotions, see for more details. And unique fascinating Carpathian landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent. You can get here by air, rail or road. Many believe that the best is not airplanes and trains, but their own transport, which can be easily placed on the territory of the resort.

Every year the infrastructure and quality of recreation here has grown at times. Sports complexes, new winter tracks, hotels, hotels, recreation centers, restaurants and cafes are actively built. Here you can enjoy not only a wonderful view, sports, nature, but also just have a good time. You will find SPA-centers, baths and saunas with excellent service.

Winter rest at the foot of Bukovel 3

The prices in Bukovel are slightly overrun, than in small neighboring mountain resorts, however they are quite accessible and completely correspond to the quality of rest. All price details and details you can go and find out on Bukovel site, where all prices for services are detailed. Winter holidays in Bukovel for those who are not prepared in advance or for the first time want to feel on the mountain track, Bukovel will give you a huge selection of clothes, shoes and ski equipment rental.

There are also special schools on the territory that can teach you how to feel properly on skis. In addition, snowmobiles, ATVs, snowbikes, scooters and other winter equipment will be at your disposal. For fans of extreme sports, you can ride on a snow-covered descent with a dog harness at high speed. Bukovel can be envied by many prominent winter resorts in Europe, and he just waits for all comers for new emotions and adventures!