Walks through the canals of St. Petersburg

What could be more beautiful than walking through the canals of St. Petersburg? Not only tourists, but also local residents gladly agree to unforgettable water excursions that take place in their native city. Here you can choose not only day trips, but also nightly, when you can see the white nights and the famous drawbridges.

Walks through the canals of St. Petersburg 2

A variety of walks through the canals of St. Petersburg

Depending on the chosen tour, the price index will fluctuate. For example, walks on the canals of St. Petersburg «Northern Venice», which still provides an excursion, will cost 630 rubles. To visit the forgotten islands and go to the Gulf of Finland will need to pay 720 rubles. In addition, there are special children’s and music motor ships. A performance-excursion for children, which is designed for 1.5 hours, will cost 600 rubles.

Children can be raised on the deck up to 15 years. Right on the water you can visit a 2-hour jazz concert, where only professional musicians perform. Having given 850 rubles, you will present yourself with an unforgettable mood, and also get a unique opportunity to have dinner in an unusual restaurant on the water. Such a romantic dinner on the ship with live piano music can be ordered for only 720 rubles.

Walks through the canals of St. Petersburg 3

Night walks on the water

In addition, you can spend an unforgettable vacation on a yacht, if you plan to spend time not alone. For a fun company of friends at night, a walk on the water will be exactly what you need. Naturally, you should count on a decent amount, which you will need to pay for renting a yacht. The vessel for 2 cabins for 10 people will cost from 12 thousand rubles per hour. There is all the necessary home appliances, all the amenities for a wonderful pastime. If you expect a company of 6 to 15 people, then you need to order a yacht for 3 cabins for 20 thousand rubles per hour.

Yacht or boat?

Many can choose between yachts and boats, although for walks in St. Petersburg these vessels are equivalent. If you wish, you can order a yacht charter. As for boats, the perfect option will be the vessel «Venice». The journey begins at 12 noon and lasts up to 2 hours. You can see in the lights of St. Petersburg the Bronze Horseman, the beautiful Neva, the famous Fontanka, various canals. Directly from the deck you will admire the amazing divorce of bridges, for which tourists actually come to this amazing city of Russia.