Tourism and rest in Europe: visit the second capital of Ukraine — Kharkiv

Quite a large number of our compatriots, trying to combine business with pleasure, choose tourism and recreation in Europe, as some alternative to more primitive tourist tours on the sunny beaches of Turkish Antalya, or the Egyptian Sharm el-Sheikh.

Compatible honeymoon and vacation in Europe.

For many of us, such an event as entering into an official marriage is one of the most memorable events in life, in addition to the birth of the first child or the end of the same college or university. And this is the most significant event in life, as a rule, I would like to note as something special, in addition to the traditional wedding in the church and trips to a limousine hired for hire on the places of interest of his native city.

Tourism and rest in Europe visit the second capital of Ukraine Kharkiv 2

And here, a romantic holiday in Europe can be just that event, which not only does not pity to spend money donated by relatives and friends, but it’s not embarrassing to capture interesting facts of this trip on a brand new video camera, as donated by the bride’s parents.

Paris is good, but Kharkov is better

But, despite the seeming simplicity of organizing a wedding trip, in this process may appear and their «pitfalls». After all, in the first place, it is difficult to determine the preferences of both young spouses in the final choice of the tourist route. Paris is good, but somewhat expensive, and the beaches of Turkish Antalya or the Egyptian Sharm el-Sheikh are somewhat primitive and no longer impressive, especially since it is quite possible that exactly there you met.

Tourism and rest in Europe visit the second capital of Ukraine Kharkiv 3

The best option for this wedding voyage, may be one of the notable cities of Ukraine, namely the city of Kharkov. Where not bad enough you can rest, not only admiring the sights of this city, but also visiting one of its restaurants, where the hamster of Kharkov for which is the native city, will create for you the most casual and memorable atmosphere of the evening.