Europe and its attractions: Antwerp

Among some of our compatriots who prefer active leisure in the form of travel, rather than sitting on their couch on the couch in front of the TV, there is one somewhat small category that carries out their voyages on their own cars. And the first goal of these travelers is often Europe.

Europe and its attractions Antwerp 2

Antwerp, Belgium, Europe

It so happened, but one familiar couple, almost every year, tried to travel to various points of our globe, using the services of travel agencies and staying in one place or another by plane or train. And it was in this way that not only Europe, but also Asia, «submitted» to it. However, the situation changed dramatically after they purchased a car from the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, which by its qualities had the ability to travel not only across Russia but also to travel to Europe. And when they bought a trunk on UAZ, they got even more opportunities to carry out their most fascinating trips.

Europe and its attractions Antwerp 3

And one of his first voyages, after the acquisition of his all-terrain vehicle, was a trip to the Altai, which attracted them for a long time, as a remote and surprising region with a rich nature of Siberia. In addition, they were surprised and modern Barnaul with its respectable center and a few archaic outskirts that retained some features of the old city. However, most of all the children were impressed by the visit to the homeland of the outstanding actor of modern times, People’s Artist of Russia Valery Zolotukhin. The village of Quick Istok quite harmoniously fits into the surrounding Altai landscape, against which the church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin, beautifully built, designed and financed by the actor himself, looks great.

Europe and its attractions Antwerp 4

All roads lead to Rome

The last adventure my friends made was a journey through Europe, all roads leading to Rome. So, after they had seen enough of the historical artifacts of this sunny region, the guys decided to send their «exaggerated» stops to more northern areas. Namely in the second capital of Belgium.

In the city of Antwerp, in addition to a large number of museums and antique shops, the Antwerp Zoo, which impresses all visitors not only by some kind of ease, unlike similar institutions in Europe, but also by the abundance of the animals represented in it, stands out. So, if fate leads you to this amazing city, do not apply to visit and this is no less amazing place, like Antwerp itself.