Paradise Grove tulips in the Keukenhof park

Holland is not for nothing called the country of tulips luxury, but most due to Keukenhof. Nowhere, in any corner of the planet, and there are so many varieties of tulips, Keukenhof and here is quite unique. Garden of tulips, called the Royal, is another quite attractive name Tulip Grove (Netherlands), praised the small town of Lisse, located between Amsterdam and The Hague.

Paradise Grove tulips in the Keukenhof park 2

Nowhere else these flowers do not admire. Visitors they take a subtle scent of freshness and color tones, but more probably their number. Under tulips occupied 32 hectares of flower beds and beautiful meadows, this is an absolute record among the world parks.

Paradise Grove tulips in the Keukenhof park 3

Every spring in Tulip Grove dissolving their buds are about seven million colors, and composite exposure updated annually. Even mentally impossible to imagine such a variety of shapes and colors of these flowers, symbolizing the coming of spring, because here their 100 species and more. In the garden, there are fields of tulips, personifying a particular topic. Gardens are represented: Japan, historically and musically. Music in the garden of Music accompanied the visitors, and they stop to admire the flowers.

Paradise Grove tulips in the Keukenhof park 4

Accidental and Japanese garden, because in contemplation Keukenhof flower compositions, literally follows the traditions of Japanese culture. Tulips in Keukenhof will undoubtedly prevail, but here they have a magnificent addition to the rose garden, daffodils and orchids. All colors are extremely rare and incredible beauty. This miracle of nature create a flower gardener of 24 stunning beauty of the royal garden.

Paradise Grove tulips in the Keukenhof park 5

From April to May paradise grove tulips in Keukenhof park visited by about one million tourists. Another record Keukenhof is that this place is the most photographed in the world. The highlight of each season is a grand exhibition of flowers. Shows here have begun since 1949, and the park was founded even earlier.