Kostnice v Sedlci in Kunta Gora

Czech Republic is a country created for tourists. Have you ever been in the Czech Republic? If yes, would you ever think that this country keeps a terrible secret. Generally, coming to the Czech Republic, people just relax, drink beer, which is extremely tasty, the house is simply gorgeous, and the girls are always friendly. But, as it turns out, in the Czech Republic, it is the most terrible place in Europe.

Kostnice v Sedlci in Kunta Gora 2

If you want just once, to visit the city Kunta Gora, you will discover a terrible secret, this ossuary. On the one hand this place is fine, but at the same time it terrifies. This is the only church of the bones. For the construction were used, about 40 thousand skeletons of dead people.

Kostnice v Sedlci in Kunta Gora 3

It happened due to the fact that in ancient times, people struck by a terrible disease called plague, and many people were dying, wanting to be buried in that place. Because it did not have enough seats, it was decided to build a gothic tomb. This bone vault is open to everyone who wants to, and on a plan, should direct the person to the idea that we are all perishable on this earth and all walk under God.

Kostnice v Sedlci in Kunta Gora 4

The interior was designed Schwarzenberg family and brought to life. The bones were carefully cleaned and disinfected. From skeletons carved chandeliers, a variety of crosses, even the glasses can be seen here. Bone altar, this is probably the most unusual place that is here. Since there is also the emblem of the family, which is also made of human bones.

Kostnice v Sedlci in Kunta Gora 5

There is only one question on how could come to such an idea in the head of a man. On the one hand it is simply inconceivable and beautifully, on the other hand is terrible. Not everyone will dare to visit such a place, because the mind is not stable at all. Some people think this building immoral and say that the bones must be brought to the ground, and the other way around. But, anyway, this church stands for six centuries, and it seems that will stand for a long time.