Homeland Salvador Dali

In our perception of Spain is uniquely associated with such concepts as the nominal «corrida», «Don Quixote of Cervantes,» «Flamenco» and naturally Salvador Dali. And if any of us wants is more real, in touch with the work and life of the last of the above list we have, then we, as a minimum, you will need to visit the home of the famous Spanish painter – a small town in the province of Catalonia Figueres.

Homeland Salvador Dali 2

It was in this city in May 1904 was born Salvador Felip Jacint Dalí Domenech and the Domènech, Marquis de Púbol (this is the full name of the famous painter). It should be noted that in this name there is a small set-top box, «the Marquis de Pubol». Generally speaking, Salvador Dali was born to a simple, but a prosperous notary Figueres. However, since as Dali bought for his wife Gala (small medieval castle in the village of Púbol), it will automatically become a marquis, that according to the European hierarchy of titles of nobility equivalent to something average between the Duke and the Count.

Homeland Salvador Dali 3

The first mention of Figarase are six hundredth years BC, when judging by the archaeological excavations carried out in the nineteenth century, this area lived the tribes of the so-called indigetov. However, in earlier times, this territory came under the influence of Ancient Roman Empire and in historical sources was named Yunkariya.

Homeland Salvador Dali 4

But if you come back not only to the town of Figueres, but also to its famous citizen, it is worth noting that the biggest attraction here, of course, is the name of the theater-museum of Salvador Dali. It today are not theater, but there is a small but well-decorated exhibition of works by Dalí.

Homeland Salvador Dali 5

The Salvador Dalí Theatre-Museum, in one of its rooms is the tomb of the great surrealist, sculptor and filmmaker. In his will he requested to do so, would have that on his grave there were people, and his will was executed here in his home town of Figueres.