Rhaetian Railway

Rhaetian Railway, which has a length of about one hundred and twenty kilometers, passes through the most beautiful places in the Swiss Alps, connecting the two railways — Albulskuyu and Bernina, which had previously been separated from each other. The road began to build in 1903, and the first passengers were able to pass on the «Bernina Express» already in 1910.

Rhaetian Railway 2

Construction was carried out with the latest technology of the time, however, and today it is one of the most vertical of railways in the world. The need for such construction was due to almost complete isolation of some areas of the Swiss Alps.
Rhaetian Railway 3

Now, this railway line is an architectural monument. In addition, due to the fact that certain segments of the way the train is very slow, it is possible to enjoy the beauty of this region.
Rhaetian Railway 4

In one direction the train moves nearly four hours. The highest station is located at an altitude of two thousand two hundred fifty-three meters. The road passes through tunnels and fifty-five hundred ninety-six bridges and viaducts. A well-known gorge Viamão, with steep walls and three hundred meters deep, which is moving past the Express, when his life did not get tired to admire Nietzsche.
Rhaetian Railway 5

A significant advantage of the architecture Rhaetian Railway is how well she went to the cultural landscape of Albula and Bernina. At one time such harmony «impossible» was called in the press. The route passes along not only the beauty of nature, which is enough: nine hundred thirty-seven top of the mountains, valleys and one hundred fifty-six hundred fifteen lakes. Also in this direction can be noted and old castles and decorated villages and nature parks at different heights and even drawings on rocks, probably Bronze Age period.