Dance Palace is still standing

It’s been 118 years since the time when the palace was open dancing. Since then, this place has become a second home to many outstanding dancers. There is so much time dancing, one way or another, it affects the structure, but not the building itself, and sex. Therefore, every year, there is carried out a general, we can say cleaning.

Dance Palace is still standing 2

Cleaning starts with the floor, which consists of 30,602 plates, first cleaned, sanded and then lacquered and polished. The floor is made from the highest quality wood, that is, there has been used mahogany, oak and walnut and. Once cleaned floor, workers are taken for cleaning chandeliers ball 14 in each of them, 80 lamps. If you want to replace, then they immediately performed.

Dance Palace is still standing 3

The palace was opened in 1894, but the dance festivals here began only in 1920. Every year, here is a huge number of dancers, gymnasts and even circus shows are held. If this count is around 650 thousand people are in the castle throughout the year. The truth in this story, there is a sad page, as in 1956, in the castle there was a fire, which destroyed not only the dance floor, but also a restaurant, which is above the ballroom.

Dance Palace is still standing 4

In order to restore the palace, the government has gone over 500 thousand pounds. And as soon as he recovered, dancing at once resumed. Dancing is a great art which was maintained for centuries, so why people can not afford to not only relax, but also to dance and just have fun.

Dance Palace is still standing 5

If the world had more palaces and specialized dance floors, then perhaps people would have felt much better, more reliable, and simply free from all the worries of the world. Dancing always be maintained, because they all sense of the history of the human race.