The most visited castle in Germany

The main part of this majestic castle consists of several parts, each of which is owned by a private family. It consists of eight Eltz castle towers majestic height of about 40 meters. All towers strengthened incredibly powerful exterior walls surrounding a huge yard. More than a hundred rooms of the castle lived exclusively family Eltz.

The most visited castle in Germany 2

Eltz Castle is known not only as the most beautiful, but also as the most visited castle in Germany. Since the construction, that is, from the XII century, the castle had only Eltz family. Now, 33 generation heirs opened the castle to the public, despite the fact that the castle is divided into several parts. If you delve into the history, the castle was built collectively by three branches of the Eltz family.

The most visited castle in Germany 3

Fortunately, the whole structure of the original structure has been preserved perfectly. Treasury and all the most famous places of the castle is fully accessible to visitors. The castle has four separate residences, decorated with incredibly beautiful old paintings and tapestries furnished the original medieval furnishings. In architecture and planning adequately for eight centuries of history of this family.

The most visited castle in Germany 4

Visiting the Treasury nobody can remain indifferent contemplating the incredibly beautiful work of silversmiths and goldsmiths, objects that belonged to members of the family all these centuries, and ancient weapons. It is noteworthy that for all its existence Castle Eltz so never and has not been captured. Local legend has it that all the generations of the family after the death of Eltz protect the peace of their descendants, protecting them from attack.

The most visited castle in Germany 5

For the public visiting the castle is open from the beginning of April until the end of October, at any time and from 9.30 to 17.30 local time. Visiting the castle is not free, and costs for adults and children 6 and 4.5 euros respectively. All received visits from the funds are used to preserve the castle in the most perfect condition, to continue to transfer possession of the next generation.