Mount Nexis dolmens

We live and don’t pay attention what is happening around us sometimes. What an amazing places we pass every day without even knowing their value, both cultural and historical. These words can be referred to such places as Mount Nexis, the unique mountain in the Krasnodar Territory.

Mount Nexis dolmens 2

This pinnacle is unique by its name. Nexis is the name not inherent to the area, where it is located. There are names in Russian, Adygei and Turkic languages in the Krasnodar Territory. The name of this pinnacle is Latin and translates as «connection». Why the mountain has Latin name is mystery still.

Mount Nexis dolmens 3

But esoterics have found the answer why the name of the mountain is connected with radio engineering property as a «connection». The fact that there are two dolmens at the peak of the mountain and such ancient structures since ancient times believed connecting with other worlds. This is how scientists explain the name of the mountain.

Mount Nexis dolmens 4

However, there are more features of this mountain. Nexis rises above sea level to 398 meters, and its top resembles a two-humped camel. And between the humps are dolmens, mentioned above. Dolmens have its own archaeological names — Small and Large aderbievsky. However, people call them in another way — Lunar and Solar. Locals believe that to Solar dolmen should come at sunrise, and to the Lunar- in the evening.

Mount Nexis dolmens 5

Maybe not in vain people have decided that it is necessary to go to the dolmens in the morning and evening. Probably, they did so for enjoy the surrounding scenery as long as possible. Believe me, there is something to enjoy. Looking around the suburbs from the top, you might think that you are among the vast green ocean, bubbling its mighty waves in the form of mountains. Staying on top of Nexis you can see Gelendzhik and town Divnomorsk and also lot of small villages, located at the bottom.