A worthy alternative to the Maldives is Belarus!

According to reliable statistics, most vacationers wish to be in some paradise tropical corner. Whoever would like to once again sunbathe on a golden beach, plunge into crystal clear water. But what if there is not enough money for a long trip? It turns out that it is quite possible to find a worthy substitute for the southern islands. Let’s compare the famous Maldives and … Belarusian Maldives.

Maldives — where are they?

Maldives is a group of coral islands in the Indian Ocean. In addition to lovers to soak under the hot tropical sun, you can find many fans of diving. The diversity of the underwater world, the beauty of coral reefs and the transparency of the waters make this resort unrivaled. Visiting excursions and fishing also take far from the last places in the rating of popular local entertainment.

Waters of the Maldives

By the way, about the purity of the waters of the Maldives is worth saying. Visibility under water over 50 meters! This is a record world figure! The average water temperature is + 27 ° C year round. Everyone who comes here for the first time seeks to return again and again. And diving grabs at first sight. And even if you have never plunged into the depths — it does not matter! Professional instructors will help you make the first (and, probably, from this moment, not the last) steps in this exciting form of recreation.

Belarusian Maldives

But if you are not very well located to travel far away, welcome to Belarus! Namely, the Krasnoselsky Cretaceous open-cast mines. They are rightly called the twins of the Maldives. Crystal clear and transparent Belarusian chalky lazurno-blue lakes are not inferior to the waters of the far ocean. A magnificent view of the career from above makes you fall in love with this place at first sight.

Krasnoselskie open-cast mines — where are

These magical lakes are located near the village of Krasnoselsk near the town of Volkovysk, four hours’ drive from Minsk. They represent two groups of lakes with 5 quarries each. This place has long become a favorite among locals and tourists. People come here to relax with the whole family or with friends, and some even stay for several days, arranging on the banks of tourist tents.

How did the Cretaceous Lakes form?

The origin of the Krasnoselsky Cretaceous Lakes is rather prosaic. Nearby is the factory «Krasnoselskstroymaterialy». Dump trucks BELAZ can be seen daily in the area of lakes. It was with their help that their careers were dug.

Vacationers appreciate the Belarusian careers for their delightful beauty. To plunge into pleasant transparent water on a hot day — is not it pleasure?