The most unusual buildings in the world: universities

What associations do you call the «university building»? Serious, strict structure of gray, green, well, or at worst, yellow? Perhaps, someone stands a high-rise Moscow State University. Someone imagines huge lecture audiences with large windows overlooking the wall of neighboring houses … Sometimes memories of something majestic, sometimes, dull and boring, sometimes about fear of the exam. Most likely, a very small percentage of those reading this article today thought about the building of a higher educational institution as something unusual and very creative. Nevertheless, there are a lot of such unusual universities all over the world.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In the list of the most unusual buildings listed this institution, located near Boston. Although the fact about the number of geniuses, Nobel laureates being released from here, interrupts the unusual appearance of the structure. The most interesting ex-terrier is the Center for Computer, Information and Intellectual Sciences. The main sponsor of the construction was Bill Gates, the author of the project — Frank Henry.

It is not difficult to get inside an unusual architectural building. Free admission. Therefore, you can safely stroll among the talented, willing to become true professionals in their field, students.

True, we should note the rather deplorable state of the university interior. Mold on the walls and leaking ceilings are found more often, which even provoked the beginning of the trial with the chief designer.

Rangsit University

The brightest educational institution is in Bangkok. Certainly this university can not be called dull and gray. History even shows how the teachers of Rangsit painted all the trees and bushes with all sorts of flowers, giving the unusual building an even more colorful and original character.

Nanyang Technological University

It can not be said that this is the most prestigious institution. Nevertheless, he is on the world list of 60 best universities. The original building in Singapore is located on the territory of 200 hectares. The most beautiful structure of the complex is the School of Arts, Design and Media.

The creators managed to erase the line between genuine natural beauty and a man-made structure. For example, one of the most remarkable details is a real green lawn. It is made not only for the sake of beauty, but also for the purpose of air circulation. Inside, there is a slight coolness and even in the hottest weather there it is pleasant to be. Of course, this affects the high performance of students

Chernivtsi University

If we talk about the greatness of architecture, we can immediately mention Chernivtsi University. The central building is the main attraction of all Ukraine. The university was recently included in the list of cultural heritage of UNESCO. Prior to the institution here, the castle was the residence of the metropolitans of Dalmatia.

Nottingham University

The leading place among the most popular universities in Great Britain is Nottingham University. The complex includes four buildings with a unique architecture. Tourists are most attracted by the Jubilee campus, in which the library is located. An interesting fact is that originally there was located a factory for the production of bicycles.

Only one look at such unusual architectural buildings is enough to want to get a higher education, and it does not matter if there are several of them already.