The world from the height: viewing platforms

To know the beauty of nature, you can not only walk along the mysterious paths of the forests, passing along the long beaches, descending to the gorges and getting acquainted with the thousand-year caves. Every such trip is undoubtedly very interesting and exciting. But, even staying in the mountains, we strive to conquer the summit, to see from above fantastic panoramas, to feel freedom, to breathe clean air. However, it is not necessary to conquer steep slopes — this is by far not everyone. But to everyone today are available observation platforms, from where you can fully admire the magnificent natural landscape.

Alpspix (Germany)

On Mount Alpspitz there is this unique viewing platform. It offers an amazing overview. The original structure allows you to see what is not available from other points. The platform stands above the abyss at 13 meters. The glass parapet allows you to safely enjoy the mountain grandeur.

Aiguille du Midi (France)

To visit France and not see the Alps, means to lose a lot. Consider the Mont Blanc mountain and enjoy the fantastic view of the famous peaks from here — from the most famous observation platform of the world.

Ornesvingen (Norway)

One of the most popular places among tourists. Annually more than 400 000 travelers come to this spectacular observation deck. From here, you can see the cascading waterfall «Seven Sisters», the steep slopes of the Geirangerfjord, Geiranger villages and Knivesflo.

Rock-chair (Norway)

Norway is a country where an extraordinary nature can be admired endlessly. In Prekestolen there is a so-called rock-chair. In fact, it’s a platform on top of a huge cliff. Sensitivity is attached to the sensations that there are no fences here. However, this does not prevent some daredevils from leaning over the precipice and it is better to consider the blue ribbon of the river.

Aurland Lookout (Norway)

And another amazing observation deck of the northern country. From the edge of the road a wooden bridge stretched for thirty meters. The design is made without any visible seams. From here you can see a view of the sea bay and mountain slopes covered with forests.

Panama Observation Deck

Not far from the Panamanian capital is a unique tourist destination, overlooking tropical forests. You can consider not only the flora, but also partially observe the life of the animal kingdom. Go upstairs is quite steep, with a lot of turns stairs, but the fatigue of the hard way is forgotten instantly, as soon as an exotic world opens before you.

Canopy Tower (Panama)

The beauty of Panama can also be admired from this platform, located at an altitude of 275 meters. From it you can see not only the forest, but also the junction of the Panama Canal and the Pacific Ocean.

The Heavenly Bridge of Langkawi (Malaysia)

Fans of extreme sports should visit the bridge over a precipice height of 700 meters. What in this extreme? The fact is that the platform rests on only one column, the balance is maintained solely by cables fastened to neighboring rocks.

Grand Canyon (USA)

If you are afraid of heights, then this platform, maybe you will not really like it. Or maybe a visit to a platform with a glass bottom will help to cure a phobia? A huge transparent horseshoe (it is in this form that this place is tempting for tourists) rises above the 20-meter-deep abyss.

Dachstein Sky Walk (Austria)

Another name is the Balcony of the Alps. The survey opens 360 degrees. Height — 2700 meters above sea level. Visible even the neighboring countries — the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Enjoy the journey!