Beauty of the Mariana Islands

CNMI is the commonwealth of the Mariana Islands, located in the north. It is a small state that is located on the territory of Micronesia near the Pacific Ocean on the west side. There is also a ridge in which there are 15 islands with huge volcanoes: Rotoy, Saipan and Tignan. True, there are only fourteen islands in the commonwealth, because the 15th island called Guam is the largest of the islands and belongs to the United States of America. That’s why Guam is a separate territory, besides it is attributed to the trophies received in 1898.

The appearance of the islands occurred in 1976, when the trust territory was divided by the UN. Then came the agreement that the association of the Northern Mariana Islands has the right to exist on the territory of the United States. The islands themselves are two chains: the Southern and Northern, they have a length in the ocean about 600 kilometers. On the south side, the Mariana Islands border on other islands — the Caroline Islands, and they are under the control of the United States of America and are located 1,000 kilometers away from the island of Rota. On the eastern side are the Marshall Islands, and on the west — the Philippine Islands.

In the north-west of the Mariana Islands is Japan. Each of us has ever heard of the existence of the famous Mariana Trench, it is on the east side of the islands and is the main geographical attraction that deserves the most attention. The depth of the hollow exceeds the mark of 11,700 kilometers. The country is home to only 80,000 people.

At a distance of 2,600 kilometers you can find Saipan, this is the main island of the state. On the north side at a distance of 2730 kilometers it is relative to Port Moresby, and at 5,980 kilometers from Honolulu on the west side, they are also called the Hawaiian Islands. The settlements of the islands can hardly be called cities, because they are not urbanized. The main island of Saipan has an area of ​​no more than 120 square meters, including Goropan and Susupe, which are administrative centers.

The island is visited by tourists from Korea and Japan, they are very demanding and attentive to small things. They are often outraged about the service, although it is at the highest level. Monthly, more than 10,000 tourists come to the island from these countries, the largest number of tourists observed on holidays, for example, during the golden Japanese week, or on New Year’s Eve. The fact is that from Seoul and Tokyo you can fly to the islands in literally three hours, and wishing to celebrate the holidays on the islands very much.

Despite the fact that in the islands English is the state language and the main language, and the main currency is the dollar, there is often a strange feeling that people came to rest in Korea or Japan. All this is due to the fact that there are a lot of Asian tourists, and restaurants have been created for them, having corresponding names, and presenting Japanese cuisine. You can even pay with Korean Won, because it is convenient for tourists. In hotels, many people know the Japanese language, for example, attendants, speaks several languages at once.

But do not forget that the Marian Islands are visited not only by tourists from Korea and Japan, but also from Russia. There are many entertainments for Russian tourists, for example, diving. You can visit the caves with beautiful lakes under the ground and look at the deep tunnels. Rest on the islands is inexpensive, which attracts the attention of the inhabitants of Russia.