Kad, an amazing intertwining of history and religion

How many wonderful places in Russia, where it is not only pleasant to walk along the night streets, but also useful to plunge into the history of the ancient city called Kadom. It is one of the ancient cities of Ryazan region, which not so long ago turned 800 years old. But Kad is still handsome and young.

Nature generously rewarded the city with riches, such as: sky-blue lakes, dense coniferous forests, meadows, all this merges into an amazing combination that so often pleases the view. The town of Kadom is located on the beautiful banks of the Moksha River, on three wonderful hills, a height of 100 meters or more, which in ancient times served as a military fortress (part of Vala Zmeev).

The fortifications themselves are almost completely destroyed, but legends in the hearts of the residents are still alive. On one of the hills, after many years, were found large warehouses of various weapons and utensils, as well as precious metals.

One of the unique places of the city is the Grace-Bogoroditsky Women’s Monastery, which often hosts pilgrims. The great property of the monastery is the image of the miraculous Virgin Mary, they say that it helps from infertility. Many healed parishioners bring gifts to the icon, in the form of rings, gold items, pearls, bracelets and other jewelry.

Another great unique icon of the Mother of God, which seemed to squint, but if you look closely, the eyes are ajar, the amazing skill of the icon painter. Her eyes attract attention. They say that to whom she fully opens her eyes, she receives her blessing. And, of course, most pilgrims go here to Father Athanasius. This perspicacious old man seems to see the very soul, knows everything and will give all the answers, heal from the bodily and spiritual ailments …

Making a pilgrimage to the holy places of Russia, many people visit the Diveevsky Monastery as well, 90 km from Kadoma, there are the relics of Seraphim of Sarov, who, during his lifetime, performed miracles. Paraphrases about his life path are heard from every priest, for Seraphim Sarovsky’s astuteness was simply amazing.