Road of love on the tunnel near the village of Klevan

What is the most romantic place on our planet? The French will call their capital — Paris, Italians — Venice, but the Ukrainians have their own approach to this issue.

Not far from the village of Klevan, which is located 24 km from the regional center of Rivne, there is a section of the old railway, which is still used to this day — three times a day it is accompanied with wood to the Orzhevsky combine.

The road, almost abandoned at all other times, already overgrown with bushes and trees, which closed over the rails and formed a continuous corridor. Passing along the road, the compounds do not allow the tunnel to overflow completely, and the compounds helped to form a natural green gallery of the correct geometric shape. Through the dense walls do not penetrate the sun’s rays, and even in the summer in this stunning gallery there is a twilight that has to leisurely long walks and romantic confessions. It was for this that the locals called the railway «the tunnel of love».

Of course, this road of love tunnel is especially good in summer, but also in the spring and autumn, when the foliage becomes golden, the railway retains its romantic charm. And, in principle, it is not surprising why lovers from all over Ukraine come here, because they believe that if you kiss and make a wish in this romantic tunnel, it will certainly come true. And in principle, a visit to this beautiful place is considered a guarantee of happiness and a good sign of the couple in love.

By the way, the residents of the village Klevani do not exclude the fact that their «tunnel of love» will soon become one of the most famous romantic places in the world, like Venice and Paris.