Lena Pillars — Unique Natural Monuments of Yakutia

The Lena Pillars are an amazing and unique sight, and there is little to compare with them on the territory of Eurasia. The Lena Pillars are stone cliffs that resemble strange pillars or some fantastic castles that stretch along the riverbank for almost 80 km.

This unique place is ideal for lovers of virgin nature, and this oasis is close enough to civilization — only 140 from Yakutsk. A couple of days on a motor boat up the beautiful river Lena and you find yourself at the Lena Pillars. Strangely enough, even for the inhabitants of Russia this natural object is exotic, so what about the guests of our vast homeland ?!

It should, however, be borne in mind that these places are completely uninhabited and wild, full of steep paths, deceptive stones that may seem reliable. Therefore, if you decided to sally along the Lena Pillars, then you can do this only by relying on fear and risk.

Scientists suggest that the Lena Pillars in their modern form appeared quite recently — about four hundred thousand years ago, that in comparison with the age of the planet is very small. They were formed as a result of a significant uplift of the Siberian platform, which made the river valleys deeper.

The height of some pillars reaches 150 meters, which can be evidence of strong earthquakes in this area. Intensive erosion with the highest craftsmanship carved out these rocks, and the permafrost and the absence of precipitation, which could level these stones to the ground, just left these cut down to stand, staring into the sky. This is the reason why among these majestic rocks there are many rare fossils, for example, extinct animals — Lena horse, mammoth and woolly rhinoceros, and many others.