The oldest resort in Ukraine is Kuyalnitsky Liman

Near the city of Odessa stretched an arc of twenty-eight kilometers Kuyalnitsky estuary. This place is one of the oldest resorts in Ukraine, because it exists since 1834. Lyman made three of its features famous: the beaches of Kuyalnytsky estuary, the mud resort and the fact that Kuyalnytsky estuary is the lowest point in Ukraine: it is at a level of five meters under the sea.

The depth of this estuary is very advantageous, because on average it is three meters. This provides depth and allows people to swim with sufficient comfort, and at the same time the water here is well warmed up. In the summer season, the water in the estuary can reach thirty degrees. Therefore Kuyalnitsky estuary is a wonderful place for rest.

But there was a time when there was a threat that people would lose this natural wealth. The river called Big Kuyalnik feeds the estuary, so it directly depends on the state of this river. Of course, it happens that the river Big Kujalnik dries up. Then the estuary also loses its dimensions. At the very beginning of the last century, it even happened that the canals were broken through to the estuary to launch water into it.

Fish Kuyalnitsky estuary is not to taste, so the fishermen here are glad of their favorite pastime will not have to. But, here in the abundance there are waterfowl. They spend wintering on the Kuyalnik, as the warm water of the estuary is not afraid of frost and does not freeze.

Not only birds, but also people benefit Kuyalnitsky estuary. Where there are layers of silt on the estuary, therapeutic mud is formed. It is rich in mineral and organic substances. In this regard, the mud of the Kuyalnytsky estuary is healing. It is able to reduce inflammation, strengthens immunity, and can even repair damaged organs.