Stone giant Vachkazhets and his entourage

Mount Vachkazhets, — its height is one thousand five hundred and fifty six meters, on an old sample of topographic maps she met the name Vachkazhech. Located in the southern part of the Kamchatka peninsula, the mountain range, the highest point of which is the Vachkazhets mountain with a height of more than 1,500 meters above sea level.

This mountain range is located eighty kilometers to the west from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In general Vachkazhets — in ancient times was an active volcano, but as a result of a very powerful eruption it was divided into three main clearly expressed parts. They became Mount Summer Cross with a height of one thousand four hundred and seventeen meters, the next mountain Vachkazhitsa with a height of one thousand five hundred meters and finally — Vachkazhets.

In the area of the mountain Summer Pereperchnaya there have been preserved to this day two huge volcanic circuses, which, most likely, are the remnants of the crater of the once unified huge volcano.

This area will be convenient for trekking, there is also a very good place to observe the birds, which are great here, you can admire very beautiful flowers in these places in the summer, well, and in winter, when everything is covered with a thick snowball, you can have a great time on skis . Usually the base tourist camp is located on the coast of the picturesque Lake Takhkoloch, in the lower reaches of the foot of the mountain Summer Pereperchnaya, as well as the Vachkazhytsa Mountains.

On foot up to Vachkazhets from the north, you should start in a place with coordinates 53 93 292, 157 55 838 — in spite of the fact that there are quite large stones, it is still the most acceptable route. To get down it is necessary in a place where loose stone fields, on which you are rushed from a ridge in that place at which following coordinates 53 02.608, 157 56.117. The stones are not big, and they «float» underfoot, so boots should be worn.