Automobile bridge in the Saratov region

As you know, the Volga River is the largest river in Europe. With the onset of the spring spill, its width is sometimes from twenty to thirty kilometers. But even through such a large river it was necessary to move. Therefore, a bridge was built, connecting the cities of Saratov and Engels. So the Automobile bridge in the Saratov area has been conceived and constructed.

The bridge was started on the eleventh day of July one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five. At that time, this bridge was the largest bridge in Europe. Its length was two thousand eight hundred and three kilometers, the width of the carriageway is twelve kilometers, and the sidewalk is a mile and a half. Of course, not everyone is able to walk across the bridge on foot. Especially the bridge is uneven. There are also ups, which provide passage of ships.

It is worth noting that the preparation for construction and construction itself lasted only four years. For such a monumental structure this is a very short time. Such high rates in construction (according to statistics, the average annual speed of manufacturing and installation of this bridge was twenty-one square meters) were provided by Komsomol members. In principle, it was the largest Komsomol building at all times of the Soviet Union, about which even a film was shot called «The bridge is being built.»

If you look at the bridge from the side, it seems simply incredible that the huge spans over the navigable part of the river were made of monolithic structures. But no wonder it is, but it is so. The main ship’s passage was blocked by an uncut reinforced concrete structure. The rest of the bridge was made of beam split spans.

Although the bridge and nestaznazvanie automobile, it moves not only cars. Once upon a time, even a long-distance trolley bus was launched. But in two thousand and two years several supports for the contact network collapsed. After that, it became clear that the bridge had been in an emergency condition for some time. Therefore, the network and the support were dismantled. So far, no one remembers the trolleybus route. But after the bridge overhaul there is a possibility of returning the trolleybus back.