Tears of Blue — Lake Sinevir — a sea eye in bright and pure feelings

Carpathian nature and the Ukrainian people do not spare themselves for the sake of miracles. So they worked together on Lake Sinevir. The beautiful nature created a small corner of unique beauty, and people decorated it with a beautiful legend.

All visitors to the lake are greeted by two tall and fabulous figures. The name of them is Vir and Xin, by giving them a long time ago they lived on this island. It was their love that this miracle was dedicated to, and it was because of them that it arose. Wooden images of the heroes of the legend are arranged so that they are completely reflected in the water, and this image shows how calm the water in Lake Xin and Vinh. And of course, after all, lovers together …

But a long time ago the place was not so calm as today, a long time ago truly dramatic events unfolded here. Xin was a count’s daughter. She got the name in honor of her bright blue eyes, similar to the blue Carpathian sky. Once blue heard in the mountains a fine pipe of the usual shepherd Vir.

Story history as the world … They fell in love, Xin and Vir. Their feelings could not prevent even the count himself, but the cunning of relatives ruined lovers. The count was ordered to kill the shepherd, and a huge stone was sent down from the mountain to the shepherd by servants. On the same day, Xin left her home and cried for a long time over the grave of her lover. Lake Synevyr is the tears of Sini. And only in the middle of the lake you can see small islands — the grave of a shepherd. Such a sad legend is connected with Lake Sinevir.

Thanks to the small island in the center, the lake received the second name «Sea Eye». The forests located around the lake are the National Natural Park. After all, both plants and animals living in the park are unique. Thirty-eight species of plants and twenty species of animals living near the lake are listed in the Red Book. In the lake there is trout. The lake is characterized by one more feature, even during strong doges and floods, during the abundant melting of snow, it never leaves its shores.