Rock Chertovo Gorodische near Perm and its sights. The remains of an ancient city or remnants?

In 6 kilometers, from the village of Iset, there is a well-known rock — Chertovo Gorodische. If you climb the summit itself, the distance of the cliff above sea level is 347 meters. That is, the distance is large enough.

The last 20 meters of the cliff is a granite crest. If viewed from the north side of the cliff, it simply becomes an impregnable sheer cliff. But on the south side, the rock is more sloping and if you really want to, then you can try to climb it, because there are giant steps of granite. But, unfortunately, the southern side of the Rock of Gorodische begins to gradually collapse. This can be judged from the fact that there are fragments of stones on the slope. The cause of the destruction of the rock depends on the fact that the temperature here is not ordinary and constantly fluctuates.

In order to climb to the very top of the cliff, a special staircase was set up. From the top you can see many beautiful things. Not only the nearby mountains, but also forests, lakes, etc. The granite, from which the rock mainly consists, is the result of volcanic activity, which was here 300 million years ago. As a result of various natural factors, such a wonderful mountain could form.

On both sides of the rock, you can see not large stone tents. The most interesting is the tent, which is located on the west side and its height reaches 7 meters. Under the rock, there is a cordon where you can see how the Semipalatinsk River flows, it is a small tributary from the Iset River. Very often you can see climbers here, since this rock is a great place to train.

Chertovo Gorodische near Perm is just a magnet for tourists. Visit such a place — this will be the best decision that you can only take. After all, not every day you can see such beautiful landscapes and antiquities, which conceals this rock. And suddenly you will discover something unique, who knows, because nature is not predictable. Make your holiday unforgettable.