The legendary Ural mountain Shunut-Kamen and the source of Platonids

The Urals are familiar to us for quite a long time and will never cease to amaze us. There is a tourist attraction there, like Mount Shunut or, as it may be called in another way, Shunut-Kamen.

The height of the mountain is no less than 726 meters above sea level. On the mountain there are many steep cliffs of different heights. That is, it can be a rock, the area of which is 20 meters, and maybe all 60 meters. The largest and highest rocks are on the east side. If you climb to the peak of the mountain, you can see a beautiful view — the «sea» of the taiga. There is also a spring that is located at the foot of the mountain, but when it is very hot, it can dry out.

If you visit these places, then do not forget about the source of Platonida, about which there are many interesting legends. One of these legends says that a girl named Platonida was born into a Muslim family. But for reasons unknown before, she converted to the Christian faith and went to live in the forest. She was found there and killed, and on the spot where she died, a healing spring arose. There are a lot of stories, but so far none of them is proven. But people believe in a healing spring. From Mount Shunut is located only five kilometers away, it is not so far away as it seems.

In order to get to the mountain, if you are by car, you will need to drive along the road Ekaterinburg-Perm, to the city of Revda. After that, go to the city of Krasnoyarsk and walk to the mountain on foot. This train can also be carried out by train. All the same to the city of Revda, and from there by bus.

But, if you have already decided on a journey to the mountain, then be sure to take a guide with you, otherwise you can just get lost in the forest. If you are interested in other attractions, then almost next door is another mountain — the Old Man Stone. The fauna of the mountains is diverse, and any wild animal can be found in it, therefore it is always necessary to be careful and cautious, otherwise you will not escape troubles. The uninformed always attracts.