Summer vacation and beach — things compatible

So it turns out that, as a rule, summer rest for most of us is associated with leisure activities on the shore of the same sea or river and it is natural that the adjacent territory of this pastime is usually referred to as the beach. And, regardless of the circumstance that the beach is covered with, gentle sand or the Black Sea pebble, the beach remains beach.

However, among the endless list of these beaches, there are also some that you just need to visit, at least once in your life, though with certain financial opportunities. To one of these beaches, according to many travelers, is the Wild Cat beach located in California, 48 kilometers from San Francisco.

The uniqueness of this beach lies not only in the fact that it is located at a decent distance from the habitats, but also because the beach belongs to the national reserve and on its territory a unique nature with an equally unique pristine landscape has been preserved. At the same time, in order to get to this unique place, it is necessary to at least not only receive a special permission from the reserve administration, but also to walk more than 8 kilometers on foot, since on this wild beach, the movement of any transport is simply prohibited.

No less exotic is another beach located also in the USA, in the state of Florida. The beach of Cayo Costa is located on a remote uninhabited island in the ocean, which can be reached only by a private boat or city, public ferry. However, this kind of inconvenience is worth it.

Snow-white sand and azure water of almost primeval ocean make an indelible impression on anyone who managed to get to this beach. With this, if you are also an admirer of diving, the adjacent shallows, which are simply teeming with ocean life, will deliver to any diver many pleasant minutes and original photos. It is worth noting that the best beach, this is not the best resort, but it still costs …