Reserve Bassega in the Ural Mountains

Reserve Basegi, which is located in the Urals, is so unique that its beauty does not cease to be surprised. Its foundation was on October 1, 1982. Already in 1993, its territory was increased several times and at the moment, it is 37,935 hectares of land.

Also, around the reserve there is a specially equipped security zone, and its territory is 21 345 hectares of land. Reserve, today is a federal and is under careful protection. The purpose of creating the reserve was that the government wanted to preserve large areas of spruce and fir forests, which are currently growing on the foothills of the Bassega Ridge. These are the only forests that exist on the territory of the reserve, which were not cut down, all other forests simply died.

The highest point, which is in the reserve, is the ridge of the Middle Bassegh mountain, whose height is 994 meters. The mountain range of Bassega surrounds the forest, with its crystal clear streams draining from its slopes, flowing into mighty rivers. A total of about 11. The width of one such river can be from 3 to 10 meters. The largest river is the river Usva, which takes its source on the slope of the stone Hariusny. Over these turbulent Urals rivers, the grayling and taimen of centuries of centuries go to spawn.

At the moment, in the reserve, about 51 species of mammals, more than 150 species of birds, several species of reptiles and fish. So much of the animal world on the territory of the reserve is explained by the fact that here the natural conditions, in themselves, are inhomogeneous.

In order to visit the reserve in the Ural Mountains, you need, first of all, to negotiate with the administration, since they strictly relate to this and very few people are missed. After all, the reserve is not intended for visits and tourists of large concentrations, as this can harm nature. Therefore, before visiting the reserve, you need to correctly explain the purpose of the visit. But still you can get there.