South Ural lunar river is a beautiful and unusual river Ai

One of the most attractive forms of tourism is the rafting on the river. Unlike standard rest on the beach or walking around the museum, here you will feel the spirit of romance and adventurism. After participating in such an alloy, you will visit hard-to-reach places. Excellent for the alloy South Urals River Ai (Moon River).

Beautiful and extraordinary river Ai originates from the Cranberry marsh between the Ural ranges of Avalak and Urenga. During the rafting along the Ai River you will be struck by a unique view of the virgin nature, you will fall into the reserved corner of the pristine beauty of nature. Most of the lunar river passes by the beautiful cliffs hiding the cave city of Sikiyaz-Tamak, numbering about 500 caves.

The Sikiyaz-Tamak cave complex has a high archaeological value. Here are found traces of seven epochs of human development. In addition to such an attraction, every curve of the Ai River will give you a meeting with other Uralic monuments of nature. Here you will meet the massive rocks, and the mysterious caves Kamenka, Nadezhda, Ponornaya, Karst Cave Kurgazakskaya — a whole underground kingdom consisting of many halls, with a passage to the perennial glacier.

In the beginning, the lunar river flow is the strongest and the inhabited places are rare. Springs flow into the river directly from the rocks. On the site of the Chelyabinsk region, the river is winding and not very wide. Often there are shoals and ruts. Next comes a more populated area, sandy beaches appear, and the beaches in this place are more often in the willow thickets. Approaching the Ufa plateau overgrown willow, replacing forests and cliffs become higher.

On its way the river Ai visits such cities as Zlatoust, Mezhevoy and Kusa and flows into the Ufa river. A little higher than the village of Lakly there is a unique natural formation — «Stone Gate». The duration of the alloy is usually seven days. During this time, you can enjoy plenty of the beautiful Moon River, grottoes and caves, hundred-meter cliffs, fabulous meadows and pine forest. Having visited here once, you will certainly want to come back again.