Feature of the mountain Man-Pupu-Ner in the Pechoro-Ilychsky Reserve

Ural Mountains are mountains that constantly attract scientists and all, someone visits them, exploring and exploring, something new for science, and someone comes here to enjoy the unique beauty of this region, which can be called the edge of contrasts. The place, which will be discussed below, is located on the territory of the Pechoro-Ilychsky Reserve in the Republic of Komi, in the northern part of the Ural Mountains, above the Yugyd-Va reserve.

In the Pechora-Ilychsky Reserve there is an unusual mountain called Man-Pupu-Ner. This translates as «a small mountain of idols.» Such a name is not for nothing. After reaching its tops and looking around, unseen strange stone idols appear to the eye. And this is not someone’s handwork, but the creation of nature itself, it is they who sculpted them so and left here to protect the mountain top.

It should be noted the extraordinary growth of these sculptures, in some cases it reaches thirty and even forty meters. Seeing such creations, you understand how time, water and temperature, can work miracles. After all, if you look at these creations from a distance, then the resemblance to human figures is simply amazing and it is impossible to believe that nature did it. With the Man-Pupu-Ner opens a wonderful picture on the equally amazing plateau Torre-Porre-Iz.

Curious is also the fact that all the figures of the Man-Pupu-Ner are turned in one direction and give the impression that they peer into the distance, looking out for someone and waiting. Going down a bit, visitors will be able to see another group of figures, and it is no less unique and interesting than the first one. True, here the figures are like animals, here you can see that one of them looks like a sphinx, another one looks like a lying camel.

After visiting the Pechoro-Ilychsky Reserve in June, and especially on the top of the Idol Mountains, you can get an easy shock, because at this time there is winter here in the spring. At the same time, the southern part of the plateau will be covered by blooming greenery, which strikes with a heady smell, while the northern part at the same time will be covered by a snow carpet, and does not even think of waking up. This is another unique feature of the mountain Man-Pupu-Ner.