The Evil Mount Yamantau

In the southern Urals in Bashkortostan there is a stone massif — Mount Yamantau. In translation from the Bashkir language, the name means a bad (evil) mountain. However, this did not prevent her from becoming the highest in the republic. The height of Yamantau is 1638 meters. The silhouette of the mountain can be seen from almost anywhere in the surrounding towns and villages.

In order to get to the top of the Yamantau mountain, tourists will need to try very well, since the whole area is almost covered with stones and impenetrable forest. In particular, it will be necessary to negotiate with the administration, since the mountain is part of the reserve. In ancient times, there were many stories and legends about this mountain. And now, journalists have come up with a story about the fact that there is a huge city inside the mountain. Though have thought up? From the space there for some reason it’s always winter …

At the foot of the mountain is located, in the past the military, and now ZATO, the city of Mezhgorye. The military does not miss tourists to the mountain, although it is still possible to agree, but it will be necessary to try hard. But when you climb to the top, the view is simply indescribable. The main thing is to have good weather, otherwise you will not see anything, and it will be difficult to climb / descend.

What is interesting is that the hungry tourist will not remain, that is, if the supplies have run out, and you have just climbed up, you can look for blueberries, it is here in abundance, but only in the warm season. If you are still attracted to the top, then it is best to do this from the saddle, since there is much less slope from there than elsewhere. You can also climb from the side of Shakitar Mountain, but it will be much more difficult.

Near the mountain, there is the Maly Yamantau ridge, which is open to everyone who wishes. Its length is 7 kilometers, it consists of two parts. The height of the southern part is 867 meters, the northern part is 976 meters. One can draw only one conclusion that Mount Yamantau, at the moment, is the most mysterious and not known by tourists. What is there, no one knows, there are many rumors, but, so far, there is no reliable confirmation of the huge number of rumors and legends.