South Ural Mountains, the mountain range of Urenga

The rocks that are on the mountain range of Urenga are some of the largest and majestic that can only be seen in Russia. Its total area is 70 kilometers. The highest point of the ridge is Naked Mountain, which is located in the south. Its height is 1198 meters. Then you can name another mountain — the First Hill, its height is 1165 meters. The third hill is called Mount Two Brothers. Its height is 1078 meters. There are a few more mountains that are also high, like the previous ones.

There are several assumptions about why this is the name of the mountain range. For example, in one translation Urangetau means «winding mountain». In another translation from the Tatar language, the naming can be translated like a maple. But if you think logically, the first translation is more logical than the second one. Since in the mountains of a tree like a maple, there is simply no, but it remains twisty and practically not passable. In the town of Zlatoust, which is located near the ridge, you can visit the museum, in which you will tell a lot of exciting stories, but not all of the legends are true.

The easiest way to climb the mountain is from the north. But still, most of the territory is covered with forest. The very ridge Urenga tourists are very rarely visited, since it is not just far, but also an impassable place. Although for those who like to go on long hikes, the ridge, this is the place that is worth a visit. In this area, you can look at many natural phenomena. That is, rocks are remnants, like the remains of an ancient city, which are between the First and Second Sopka. Also a very interesting landscape, many trails, and also you have a unique opportunity to see the cottage on Urenga.

If you drop into the history, there is here, the so-called «Kazan trail», which is located between the mountains Two brothers and the Second hill. There is also another road called «thief’s path». The name of it is because, once here, they stole horses and other animals. That is, we can conclude that this ridge with its unique history, can tell you a lot, the main thing is not to miss the moment.