Pysanka Museum

In the small town of Kolomiya in Ukraine, which is known as the center of folk crafts and handicrafts, there is an original museum — Pysanka. It is unique, because it does not exist in analogues all over the world. The painting of Easter eggs by hand is an interesting folk art. From year to year masters painting eggs for Easter and investing their whole soul in this process.

You can see the building of the museum from afar. It is made in the form of an egg of large size. Inside the fourteen-foot oval building there are three floors. The roof of the structure is missing, but there is a large number of stained-glass windows, the total area of which is 600 square meters.

The museum has more than six thousand Easter eggs that were brought here from all corners of Ukraine, and in addition from Pakistan, India, the Czech Republic, Canada and the United States. Among a large number of beautiful Easter eggs are both new eggs and those that were made in the 19th century, because the art of coloring them arose a long time ago.

In addition to those samples that are folk creations, there are also collections made by the honorable guests of the town. Eggs, painted by politicians, as well as cultural ones, have long been a decoration of the museum. Each of the well-known personalities, who once visited Kolomiya, left Pysanka, which would remind of his visit. More than 70 samples, on which the signatures of prominent people are painted, is in the museum.

The unique Pysanki museum was opened on September 23, 2000, especially on the day of the tenth Hutsul Festival. Since then, the building is the business card of the city and attracts tourists not only from Ukraine, but also from other countries. Visiting Kolomiya, it is impossible to pass by this building, because an unusual shape attracts everyone who is nearby the museum and makes you stop and look at the miracle of Ukrainian architecture.