Winter Holidays in Russia

Everyone aspires on the eve of a vacation, takes care of the rest, which must be planned in advance, so that it becomes unforgettable. Some people prefer to go abroad to warm places, while others prefer to travel to amazing corners of the homeland. We suggest you not to pursue a popular holiday, but rather forget about all the stereotypes and spend time on the snowy expanses of Russia.

After all, something, and winter rest in Russia is a separate world full of impressions. You can visit a lot of interesting excursions and various events and many other things that meet financial and individual needs.

For winter holidays in Russia you can go to the following places

  1. Veliky Novgorod — he is rightly considered the father of Russian cities. A lot of historical buildings are a world heritage. It is one of the cities with a rich and rich history with excellent places for walking. In Veliky Novgorod the mass of sights and cultural values, which should be given attention.
  2. Veliky Ustyug is a city in which many buildings (churches, houses, etc.) are still intact, allowing one to touch the events of the past days. Here is Santa Claus, who every year makes kids happy for the New Year.
  3. Yaroslavl is an ancient city that does not lag behind modernity. It is sufficiently developed, so it can not be called a depth. But, despite this, it has many amazing theaters. It has shot many popular films. In Yaroslavl is located the estate of Nekrasov.
  4. Suzdal — one of the ancient cities, in which it is very calm, there is a certain tranquility. This silence is broken only by the periodic ringing of the bells of the monasteries and chimes. Since 1024, he became the religious center of Russia. Now this city is visited by many tourists. He has an interesting story with his traditions and peculiarities. A huge number of architectural creations and many amazing places that deserve close attention. In Suzdal you can enjoy the silence and unique winter beauty.
  5. Kazan — is considered the third Russian capital, it consists of two cultures: eastern and western. There are temples, theaters, parks and other interesting places. Also in Kazan there are many festivals and concerts.
  6. St. Petersburg — a luxurious and amazing city, melting the original look and interesting culture. It is called the Northern Venice. In St. Petersburg there are well-known museums, palaces, residences, cathedrals and other places. This city will surprise you with its delightful beauty and wealth.

This is just not many corners of Russia, in which you can go on vacation as one, and the whole family, where you are welcome to the local residents. And in order to quickly get warm after a cold sightseeing trip on the road, you can bring along a thermal ballu gun that will help you get warm faster from the harsh Russian winter on your return to your room. After all, everyone knows that such heaters can warm up much faster …