Azov. Skydiving and training skydiving

Events of this kind are held in the city on weekends and on holidays, and sometimes just in the presence of good weather conditions. Skydiving from year to year in the city of Azov, are becoming more and more popular. They are an exciting, colorful, very extreme and reliable adventure that can be produced at any time.

A few hours before the jump, you can get acquainted with different people, enrich your horizons with interesting facts and information, enjoy an excursion of aviation equipment, have a meal and enjoy the sunshine on parachute tables.

Anyone wishing to make a jump and undergo training in skydiving is mandatory to undergo a medical examination. Only those who have good health will be allowed to jump, since a jump can lead to unfavorable stress or an overload of the body. Also jumping to girls who are in position is counter-indicative.

A jump with a parachute or skydiving requires adherence to such a main principle as the proper state of the sinuses of the nose. It is very important that your nose is not inflamed, and also there are no various kinds of cramping. When you rise to the height of the jump, then remember that the pressure of the environment drops sharply. Height, often, is accumulated at a slow pace, so that the human body is slowly adjusted to it.

Jumping, parachutists fly the first three kilometers in a time equal to a minute. Strongly sharp changes in pressure lead to the appearance of various kinds of barotrauma. Do not be serious about the occurrence of injuries, because they, at times, can be very serious. Aeroclubs in Azov make jumps from such aircraft as An-2, An-3, An-28 and Mi-8 helicopter, which in most cases are used for military training. Skydiving in Rostov can also be carried out at the Rostov Aeroclub. A parachute jump is a very interesting and extreme sporting activity that will allow you to feel extreme and adrenaline for anyone who wants to.