Surprises for newlyweds from Eurohotel

{KomentoDisable}World practice suggests that to date, in addition to the IT industry, the most dynamically developing branch of the economy, almost any country is tourism. After all, with minimal investment, clearly incomparable with the construction of the same metallurgical plant or uranium mine, tourism has a fairly high profitability. And as a socially oriented business, the tourist industry creates around itself a fairly developed infrastructure that allows creating additional jobs.

It should be noted that hotels are the main element of any tourist business. After all, the presence of any historical landmark or unique natural phenomenon will remain, not up to the valued property of mankind, if there is nowhere to stay for a night’s lodging and tasty dinner. With this in mind, any tourism business begins with the construction of a hotel complex, which should at least include not only the building of a first class hotel, but also recreation areas with obligatory restaurants, bars and pools with warm water.

However, the long-term practice of such hotel complexes of giants as in the same Dubai of the United Arab Emirates or Las Vegas in the United States of America shows that this market is already saturated, with such hotel monsters of fifty or more floors. To date, more relevant have become mini hotels and hostels.

Ukraine, the capital of Ukraine, Kiev did not lag behind this trend, which, in preparation for the European Football Championship in 2012, began to bring its tourism industry in line with European norms and the demands of the times. With this in mind, in addition to multi-story hotels, in Kiev there were small hotels, designed for 10-40 guests. Which, depending on their budget, can afford either a first-class room in such a mini hotel, with a host of amenities and services or choose a minimalistic solution to this issue.

In addition, the Kiev managers of Eurohotel «went a little further, and offered for their clients such a service as» Room for newlyweds at the hotel Eurohotel, Kiev «at reasonable prices and with a wide variety of services. Surprisingly this kind of offer on the Kiev market almost immediately found its customers and the queue of newlyweds in Eurohotel was lined up almost a year ahead. So, for today many future newlyweds plan the date of their wedding on the date when the number for newlyweds in Eurohotel will be vacant.