Hospitable Tver and its hotels

Many tourists who come to Russia or reside in this amazing country dream of visiting Tver and the Tver region. This desire does not arise by chance. After all, in Tver and the region there is a huge number of monuments of culture and architecture. Some of them date back to the 12th-13th centuries, to this we must add that a number of cities in the Tver region have been granted the status of «Monument to Urban Development.» It is also impossible not to recall such well-known natives of Tver as, writers IA Krylov, M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, F.M. Dostoevsky, the artist OA. Kiprensky.

All these factors caused a huge flow of tourists to Tver, which naturally provoked rapid growth, construction of hotels, guest houses, etc. It should be noted that hotels in Tver are very diverse, both in architecture and in service, so people with different incomes can come here and allow themselves to stay in rooms that they can afford.

In Tver, without problems, you can rent a room in a hotel located near the city center in a quiet and cozy area. Where guests will be served very delicious dishes of Russian cuisine. In addition, in such hotels are offered different in class and service rooms, there can be a chic apartment with several rooms, bedrooms and first class service, and there can be modest rooms that ordinary tourists can afford.

But in such hotels there is a common feature — the decor of the rooms and the interior of the hotel is executed at a high level, regardless of whether this is a luxury apartment or a budget room. Here guests are offered free internet, television and other benefits of civilization. In addition to large hotels, in Tver now there are a lot of private mini-hotels. Such hotels began to be built mainly as competitors, large and not entirely operational in providing services to hotels. After all, in a small hotel where there is not a huge number of rooms, it is much easier to pay attention to your guests than to a large hotel. That naturally entails an increased comfort for tourists.

In private hotels, you will find beautiful rooms with a good, comfortable atmosphere, which pushes guests into the atmosphere of home comfort. Typically, these hotels are well equipped with bathrooms, bedrooms and lounges. Here, your every wish will not be disregarded.