Winter tours to Kamchatka

Winter is coming soon, and if you have already started planning your winter vacation, then along with foreign ski resorts or other popular resorts, put a trip to Kamchatka. Agree, because it can be very interesting, entertaining and, more importantly, instructive. Because it is always pleasant to study the expanses of your country.

On the one hand, a trip to Kamchatka will not be cheap, but tourists who have visited this amazing region believe that winter tours to Kamchatka are something incredible, after all, having been here (the link) of impressions will remain for many years. Because Kamchatka is not just a peninsula, it’s a land where there are many unusual and sometimes unexplained phenomena that, of course, delight the travelers.

It is especially interesting to come to Kamchatka in winter on the eve of the New Year. You just imagine your friends, somewhere in Moscow or Voronezh, are just beginning preparations for this most popular holiday on Earth. And at the same time you are already sitting at the table, which is bursting with Far Eastern delicacies, and there are a lot of them, and raise the glass for the coming New Year. Everything starts from the East, including the New Year.

However, sitting at the table and celebrating, it’s not all that you can do in this amazing corner on Earth. Here you can just like in the foreign thermal resorts, calmly plunge into the pool with hot water. But this, in addition, what is interesting, is also very useful for health. After you bathe in a hot spring and dry yourself, you can safely safari on snowmobiles, to two active volcanoes in Kamchatka — Avachinsky and Koryaksky. Here you will see landscapes that you will hardly forget until the end of your days. These two fire-breathing peaks will enthrall even the most experienced traveler.

In Kamchatka, it will be interesting for a person to have any views and interests. For example, tourists who came here to study the local ethnos, will find something to their liking. The fact is that there is an Esso village, where local aboriginals live. Tourists can easily get into it and get acquainted with the inhabitants of the village, learn their customs, customs, traditions — in general, anything that can interest ethnographers. And those who just came to this village, it will be interesting to know that all the houses here are heated with the use of thermal waters.