Book a room in a hotel in Kiev

Rent a hotel in Kiev cheaply you can only if you seek help at the hotel, which is located on Lukyanovka. The mini-hotel on Lukyanovka will gladly accommodate you in its comfortable rooms, the cost of which is not so great, as it seemed at first glance.

This hotel is famous for its excellent price policy, which is available to absolutely all people. Good quality of services, great prices, excellent location, all this is connected exclusively with this hotel. If you came to the city of Kiev for the first time, you should know that it is prestigious to live in the central part of the city, and it is possible and expensive. But, only a mini-hotel will allow you not to go broke on your stay. Shevchenko district is famous for its history, architecture and antiquity. In order to get to know this city as best as possible, you should book a room in this hotel in advance. The hotel has just 50 rooms of various categories and classes. That’s why, you should decide, as early as possible with the choice of your number.

Book a room in a hotel in Kiev 2If you came to Kiev with your family, then you can easily rent a room of the category Studio or Apartment. Each of these rooms is unique and beautiful in its own way. If your company has more than 4 people, then you should book the Apartment. This is a room type, which has everything you need. The first room is a bedroom, in which you can see a huge double bed, a small locker. In the second room is the living room, where there is a large double sofa, the third room is combined with the kitchen. The kitchen is huge spacious, full of everything you need, you can see all the cutlery, dishes, also if there is a dishwasher, a washing machine.

In this category there are two bathrooms, one of which is combined with a bathroom. You can see the presence of all necessary bath accessories, perfumes. In the room of this class a luxurious hallway, high ceilings, the whole renovation is made in cream color that will allow you to relax from the saturated bright life. The huge windows in the floor, which are in the kitchen, combined with the room, will please you and your loved ones. You can see Kiev from a bird’s-eye view, which is extremely romantic.

If you do not know where to go for a walk, what to see, you should ask for help at the reception. In the hotel on Lukyanovka you will be helped in solving any problem and task. Hotel reservation in Kiev passes quickly and without any problems. In this you can be sure if you book one of the rooms in the hotel. When booking, you should indicate your full name and contact phone number, the reservation is absolutely free, which will save you a certain amount of money.