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By the way, the rainy season, especially in the island countries, must be taken seriously and

it is better not to visit them during this period. Since the rain they have and with us — it can be far from the same thing. At us really rains, as a rule, more than twenty-thirty minutes do not go, and there it can be a torrential tropical downpour for the whole day, and even at once for some days. Neither to swim, nor to sunbathe and even more to get acquainted with the sights in such weather is not possible.

On legal issues also need to pay attention. Registration of visas to countries can take place in different ways. Somewhere the visa regime operates with all its severity, somewhere it is simplified, and somewhere there is none at all. And it may not be for some strictly defined time, therefore it is recommended to apply for a reliable company to the visa, tour operator Pegasus as a partner of travel agency www.kivi.ru in the shortest time will help to issue all documents.

Recently, it has become more frequent that countries earning on tourism, for the duration of the holiday season, withdraw visa regimes either for everyone or for those from where tourists come from year to year in increasing numbers. But this information alone is hard to get, here without the help of the tour operator can not do.

A lot of effort is taken away and exhausting a long road. Who feels that the mood will greatly deteriorate from long flights and frequent transfers should first ascertain the route from the native city to the place of rest. In this, too, as a rule, only tour operators can or can be searched for in tourist forums. Another important legal point is the absence of debts from a potential tourist.

By debt is meant the same inopportune loan. The bailiff service, as a rule, closely monitors such people, and travel abroad can be either generally prohibited or restricted to certain countries, the list of which may not get what you want. Searching for and choosing a hotel is another important thing. Here, in addition to the advice of the tour operator, it is better to look for information about a suitable place somewhere in the tourist forums.