What to wear this fall?

For those who are not tired of following all the fashion trends and novelties of the season — our short article about the inevitable hits of the autumn period. You can buy such things in any online store, and their presence in the closet will be brighter than the autumn landscape. Correctly select the following things with basic elements of the wardrobe and bathe in ovations and compliments.

1 Khaki. Tired of pop pop and candy tones girls want to add to their image of rigidity and courage. Let the guys see how we are able to fight and achieve success in career and personal life. The color of khaki is that direct proof. Do not be afraid to buy things in the original dark green hue. After the forthcoming spring they will not lose relevance.

2 Shoes on the platform. Our cabinets are bursting with boats, pins, and other sexy shoes, which we need, like air, but which is so uncomfortable to wear. The designers took pity on us and brought back the shoes that were fashionable back in the 70’s — shoes on the platform. Now add a bit of significance to your miniature growth and grow to the level of the top models without harm to the ankles and toe. Choose stylish shoes on the platform at least 5 cm from the ground.

3 Cape. It’s not a coat, but it’s not a cloak either. Cape coming from the distant 60’s is bound to us by its alleged severity. But even in a gray, sullen color, he is unusually young. Wear a cake with miniskirts and boots and be an icon of style.

4 Accessories with fur. Winter is ahead, and therefore it is worthwhile to get warm. We warm not only the sheepskin coat, but also the legs. Shoes with fur, especially colored, now at the peak of popularity. Do not forget about the bags. Warming gadgets lying in it, it is necessary. In addition, to hold such a thing in your hands is very pleasant.

5 Things with pockets. Convenient, practical and unusually stylish. Designers add pockets not only to outerwear, trousers and accessories. Meet blouses, sweetshirts, skirts with patch pockets. I wonder if you can wear your smartphone there?

6 Origami dresses. Intellectual fashion will conquer the tops of the Olympus. Let in such a dress you seduce unless the professor of mathematics, but you will be the most original fashionista of that evening.

7 Quilted things. Not a day without a cage. The most popular effect of raincoats turned to standard wardrobe items and, of course, accessories. And yet, in such things will be times warmer than in woolen. See for yourself!

8 Pants with stripes. The most famous fashion of Soviet times was revived on the catwalks in London. Now the whole world is dressed like this.

Warm up fashionably and do not forget about ornaments. They are always relevant, even looking out from under the layers of clothing.