Cyclists on the roads

Not all drivers

vehicles, including two-wheelers, are aware of the importance, and the need for compiled traffic rules. In fact, on the road, everyone should know their rights and their place, otherwise the means of comfort and a healthy lifestyle will lead to extremely disastrous consequences.

It is important for a cyclist to know the following:

— Firstly, the bicycle is a slow, but a vehicle, so the cyclist is a TC driver. If a person drives a bicycle instead of riding a bicycle, then he is considered a pedestrian.

— The driver of this vehicle is not allowed to leave the steering wheel on the go and ride in this way.

— Do not use the phone without special equipment.

— Driving any vehicle in a state of intoxication is prohibited. Also, the use of psychotropic substances and other drugs that interfere with reaction, alertness, and care is prohibited.

— Carriage of goods must comply with the rule of one and a half meters. Those. The load should not bulge for these volumes along the length and width.

— The extreme right lane is the lane of cyclists. You can only move on it.

— At the intersections, the rules for all participants are the same. Thus, the car moving along the secondary road should give way to the drivers of the vehicle moving along the main road.

— The rules of the SDA prohibit maneuvers on pedestrian crossings. This driver of the bicycle should get off the vehicle and cross the road as a pedestrian.

— If the driver of a two-wheeled vehicle doubts the correctness of his behavior, the best option is to get off the bike and act like a pedestrian.

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